Apple’s Redesigned and Relocated Tysons Corner Store Opens Today

tysons corner apple store

Today marks the official launch of the updated and relocated Tysons Corner store, which Apple has been renovating over the past few months. The original Apple Store was located in a Fairfax, Virginia shopping center.

A few of Apple shop devotees and influencers were given advance access to Tysons Corner and guided through the updated shop features. A hardware flex area, an Apple Watch Studio, and other features were highlighted in Michael Steeber’s extensive pictures of the experience.

However, Tysons Corner has a dedicated Genius Bar in the right corner, just like the original store, despite Apple’s recent move away from physical Genius Bar portions in its stores. Although the Genius Bar concept has always existed, as Steeber points out, this is the first genuine Genius Bar that Apple has set up in a shop since 2015.

At Tysons Corner, there is a versatile hardware area that, according to Steeber, is intended to highlight Apple’s most recent hardware. Additionally, Apple offers a physical Apple Watch Studio where users may mix and match Apple Watch bands and casings.

The store has individually framed glass doors, a baffle ceiling design, and wood paneling. The store offers Apple Pickup, Avenues, and the Today at Apple department.

The store will open on May 19, 2018, which marks the 22nd anniversary of the initial Tysons Corner location opening. Visitors will receive free tote bags with the Apple logo that have been used for the store’s renovation when it opens at 10:00 a.m.

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