About Us

At Huffington News, we recognize the pivotal role of diversity in our mission. We emphasize the importance of diversity in our identity, storytelling approach, and our target audience. Our commitment is not just to write about people excluded from conventional power structures but to write for them inclusively, delivering stories that resonate with a diverse readership. This commitment entails incorporating a wide range of voices in our reporting, actively seeking diversity within our newsroom, and maintaining an open and responsive dialogue with our readers and viewers.

Accuracy is a paramount principle in our reporting. We uphold transparency, meticulous sourcing, and impartial analysis. Huffington News diligently verifies and cross-references information from multiple sources whenever feasible. We offer anonymity to sources when it serves the public interest and safeguards them, while refraining from granting anonymity to evade accountability for opinions. All our reporters adhere to our internal editorial code through comprehensive training.

In cases of errors, Huffington News is committed to swift corrections, with a clear note appended at the bottom of the article, outlining the rectifications made. More prominent notices may be added for more substantial mistakes. We will only retract an article following a rigorous assessment by a senior editor, accompanied by an editor’s note.