Apple Upgrades Boot Camp With WiFi Enhancements and Error Corrections


Apple published a new version of Boot Camp, the software that enables Windows to operate on Intel-based Macs, today. Boot Camp 6.1.16 is a bug-fixing version that addresses minor issues; it replaces Boot Camp 6.1.12, which resolved Bluetooth and WiFi driver stability concerns.

According to the update’s release notes, the software adds support for WiFi WPA3 and resolves a Bluetooth driver issue that occurs occasionally while resuming from Sleep or Hibernation.

Apple released the Boot Camp 6.1.17 upgrade for Intel Macs with Studio Displays in March.

Users of Boot Camp can install the latest Boot Camp drivers by navigating to the Windows Start menu and launching Apple Software Update.

Boot Camp is a feature exclusive to older Macs with Intel processors. It is incompatible with Apple silicon-based Macs, which cannot run Windows without the use of virtualization software.

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