The most recent beta iOS 16 and macOS Ventura now support the iCloud Shared Photo Library.

icloud shared photo library

With the third betas of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura that were sent to developers this morning, Apple added support for iCloud Shared Photo Library, a new feature that wasn’t in the initial betas.

You may set up iCloud Shared Photo Library in the Settings app to make it easier for you to share photos with your family after installing iOS 16, iPadOS 16, or macOS Ventura. Touch “Shared Library” beneath “Photos” as you scroll down.

To add the people you want to share with, tap “Start Setup” and go from there. Each of the additional invitees has the power to add to, edit, or remove things from the shared library, which can accommodate up to five people. Any five individuals, including those with whom you do not already share a family unit, may be included.

After selecting the recipients of your sharing, you have the option of moving your photos to the Shared Library. All of your photos and videos, as well as shots that cover specific subjects or date ranges, can be manually selected or relocated.

After adding your photographs, you may preview the library before sharing it. You can then formally invite others by providing a link or doing so via the Messages app. All participants will have access to every image added to the shared library.

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There are smart setup rules that can be applied to prevent unintended photo sharing. You can choose to share all previous photographs or just those that were shot after a specific start date. Additionally, you have the option to choose only to share photos of specific people, such your family.

Bluetooth proximity-based sharing is an alternative to automatic photo addition to the shared library. In For You, recommendations will still be shared.

A new feature in the Camera app automatically uploads all the pictures you take to the Shared Library, so if you’re on vacation with your family, everyone can see your vacation photos as soon as they’re taken.

Shared photos will show up in Memories, Featured Photos, and the Photos widget just like regular iCloud Library photos do.