In iOS 16, Apple Fitness+ receives dedicated awards


As of the third developer beta of iOS 16, specific prizes for Apple Fitness+ routines are now available.

Activity awards are obtained in iOS 15 by successfully completing predetermined tasks, such as breaking a Move ring record, maintaining a perfect fitness schedule, or achieving 100 Move targets. The awards can be earned with or without participating in Fitness+ activities, but with iOS 16, Apple is providing customers with a new opportunity to recognize their Fitness+ accomplishments.

The new rewards, which were included in the third developer beta of iOS 16, are distinguishable by their distinctive shapes and are related to particular Fitness+ activities and categories.

It is currently unknown how many Fitness+ awards are available, but MacRumors has observed new awards for completing milestone numbers of Fitness+ workouts, including total workouts across categories and individual categories, Fitness+ workout streaks, and best workouts for individual categories, in addition to awards for the first time a new Fitness+ workout category is completed.

The awards are available retroactively for completed Fitness+ exercises that have met an award’s requirements; however, users could not view the new awards until they have finished their subsequent Fitness+ session before they appear on their devices.

Apple has added new standard prizes for milestone running distances, beginning at five kilometers, in addition to the new Fitness+ medals.

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Beyond the addition of new activity awards, iOS 16 makes the Fitness app available to all iPhone users, even those who don’t own an Apple Watch. This enables them to establish daily Move goals and see how their active calories contribute to the closure of their Move rings.