Now, Microsoft Azure VMs are enhanced with a new security feature

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Ephemeral OS disks, a sort of disc created on local virtual machine (VM) storage that is not saved to remote Azure storage, will now be available to Microsoft Azure users.

As data saved on these types of drives will never be sent to an offsite data center, the cloud giant’s most recent addition might help assure high levels of confidentiality for data.

Ephemeral OS disks, according to Microsoft, are perfect for stateless applications, in which no client data created in one session is used in a subsequent session.

Microsoft also added that these disks can be perfect for use cases requiring lower latency, comparable to a temporary drive, or the capacity to quickly reset or reimage virtual machines (VMs), as well as to scale set instances to the initial boot state.

Ephemeral OS disks can be used with Azure Marketplace, custom images, and Azure Compute Gallery (formerly known as Shared Image Gallery), however they are not compatible with OS Disk Swap, OS Snapshot, or VM image capture.

You’ll be happy to know that the disks support Microsoft Azure’s Trusted Launch feature if you’re searching for more protection, but only in specific locations and for specific VM sizes.

Additionally free, clients don’t pay for storage when creating new disks for ephemeral operating systems.

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Microsoft has been releasing additional features for fans of virtual machines in addition to this one.

Microsoft has improved its free Windows 11 virtual machines (VMs) program, which is intended for developers but may also provide people with the ideal method to test out its newest operating system before making a commitment.