Why Doctors Shocked after Woman Gives Birth to Quadruplets and Looked at Their Faces


It is a certain rule that emotions accompanying maternity is amorous for any pregnant lady. This was not the role for Bethani Webb. Once she learned she was expecting quadruplets, all of the enjoyment, excitement, fear and apprehension was increased four-fold . Moreover, there would be an extra surprise once the mom finally reached the delivery operation room and, one by one, she looked into the faces of her babies.

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1The start of story

The story started when a couple from Northern Canada, started their love story. Tim and Bethani got married in their early twenties, and were substantially crazy about having kids.

However, things started happening quicker than they had anticipated. In fact, Bethani fell pregnant shortly after their wedding in June 2015. The couple had been aiming to wait a minimum of twelve months before having their 1st kid, but life always carry surprises out of the plan. Still, it was nice news for the young couple, who looked forward to beginning their own small family.