A Sweet girl with Down Syndrome has Turned into the Happiest Person in the World!

Abigail Angles

Abigail Angles was born with Down’s syndrome on October 7, 1998. She has overcome many obstacles in her 18 years of life but she has never failed to make everyone she comes in contact with smile. Abby is now a senior at clear spring high school in Clear Spring, MD. She loves to volunteer, help her Meme at church, play on the schools unified sports teams, and hangout with her friends and family.

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1A more than normal life

Abby strives to live a normal life by working at the Town Hall and plans to work at the Hagerstown Diner this summer as a server. Abby plans to attend community college after graduation for continual education specifically in culinary arts. She is an inspiration to all.

While at clear spring high school, Abby has touched many hearts and made countless friendships. The small town of clear spring is such a tight knit community filled with loving and selfless hearts. Abby was not only voted onto prom court but was then voted to be prom queen of 2017 by her class mates at clear spring high. This was a magical night for Abby and something she will never forget. We are forever grateful for the students at clear spring high school making her night a one we will never forget.

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