10 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas You Have Never Seen Before


Still simply immersing an Easter egg in dye? This Easter, take your eggs one step more with these unique decorating ideas. All of these styles are simple and cheap to make, and all of the supplies are available from the grocery and craft store.

1Tattoo Eggs

how to make tatto eggs

Temporary tattoos are pretty amazing. They allow you to have amazing moments, particularly once you’re coping with tattoos of  insects, dinosaurs and generic action heroes. Therefore why not offer those Easter eggs a bit tattoo love?. It’s even as simple to place temporary tattoos on eggs the same is to place them on your body.

The materials you need are eggs, temporary tattoos, water,  sponge and dish towel. The fantastic tattos could be insects, dinosaurs or action heroes. It is very easy and fast to make. Firstly get the tattoo and put it on your egg. Use a piece of sponge to put water to the back of the tattoo. Press all of the sides down firmly. Place a towel over the entire egg to stay the tattoo in situ. Hold for thirty seconds, then reveal and enjoy.