A Revolutionary Discovery by Indian Scientist can Detect Cancer 6 Years in Advance

Indian Scientist evolutionary discovery

Without a shadow of a doubt, cancer is the deadliest disease that humans encounter in their lives. With doctors and medical scientists working round the clock, tirelessly, we have somewhat been able to give scant relief to the dying patient.

Many believe that cancer is not a disease, it’s actually the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in our body. Cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism comes to a halt. Old cells do not die and instead grow in an abnormal way. Rather frequently, governments of all countries take measures to cope with challenges that cancer poses to the society.

As a result, millions of dollars have been spent for the discovery of a proper and guaranteed cure. Nevertheless, after years of research in the field, the medical fraternity of the world has received only disappointing dividend- in simple words, they have failed to discover any cure. But don’t panic at all, do not worry- here is an Indian scientist, Dr Zahra Hussaini, who took the bull by the horns and discovered something that can save millions of lives across the globe.

The doctor hails from Mumbai and has served in Nanavati Hospital. During her work, she saw the misery of people going through a painful stage while grappling with cancer. She made up her mind that she would do something to do away with people’s doldrums or at least reduce their grief to a certain degree. Hence, she stroke up ‘the impossible’ research on the deadliest disease.

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As there are several types of cancer known to us, Dr. Hussaini focused on oral cancer, for the glaring reason that amongst all kinds of cancer, it is number one cause in male death and number three in female death. In India alone, one person dies in every 7 minutes due to oral cancer. The lady doctor kicked off her research and after 12 years she finally gave the world a stupendous gift that the entire humanity will always remain indebted to her.

She made world’s first Swivel biopsy test for detection and prevention of oral cancer. With her own designed kit, she can detect the cancer 6 years in advance. This means that no one will die of the deadly disease in the world, if awareness is spread about her discovery.

She aims at reaching out to rural India as 70% of total deaths occur therein alone. To fulfill her dream of curing cancer, she launched her organization C-TEST (Cancer Test) in presence of many Bollywood celebrities including Javed Jaffrey.