The extension of ULEZ is making London a “no man’s land” for drivers because to the impending expensive fees

ULEZ expansion
ULEZ expansion

Experts are cautioning that with the development of the ULEZ, London will probably become a “No Man’s Land” for drivers.

By the end of the month, the ecologically beneficial program will be implemented in all 32 boroughs of the city, putting drivers at risk of breaking the law.

Anyone found operating a vehicle outside of compliance will be fined £12.50 per day for driving in a ULEZ.

Should this fee be imposed on drivers each day for a month, they will receive £250 for driving during the week.

Should drivers with non-compliant cars decide to drive on weekends, this fee will increase to £350 per month.

In an effort to better assist locals, London Mayor Sadiq Khan recently announced the expansion of the city’s scrappage program.

Drivers with non-compliant automobiles may be eligible for subsidies of up to £2,000 as part of this scheme, which would help them pay for a new car.

The scrappage program is still insufficient, according to some experts, and the ULEZ is approaching drivers too quickly.’s vehicle specialist Chris Evans explained the present status of support in an exclusive interview with

“For many, the ULEZ expansion could feel like a no-man’s land for motorists, for both drivers and businesses,” he clarified.

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“There is no denying that the scrappage scheme’s extension has provided some comfort, but it still leaves consumers with the burden of figuring out what to do next to make sure their cars are compliant in an economical manner.

“And while TFL’s scrappage scheme is accompanied by a number of promotions that might somewhat lessen the blow, they are primarily encouraging the adoption of alternative modes of transportation.”

Due to the additional financial strain, leasing is becoming a more and more popular choice for people who need a last-minute way to escape the ULEZ fee.

Mr. Evans went on, “For those drivers, this is a good time to reconsider owning a car and give leasing a shot. It is an economical and practical option to replace a non-compliant car and avoid paying the Ulez charge, with reasonable monthly costs.

For instance, drivers may lease the Volkswagen Transporter for £298 each month, which is £48 less than what they would have to pay each month for the ULEZ.

“Moreover, leasing enables you to combine multiple monthly expenses into a single payment, such as road tax included in your monthly bill, and it is not impacted by APR like PCP arrangements are.”