Pregnant Mom Goes Into Labor On Halloween Only To Find Her Doctor Is Dressed As The Joker


I’ve never had a baby, but even I know that a due date is more of a rough estimate than a sure thing. Sometimes babies just can’t wait to get out of there, and others like to take a little more time. Either way, Mom is always on high-alert, waiting for that special moment to finally happen.

There was even a pregnant OB-GYN who went into labor while she was delivering someone else’s baby. It’s almost like some babies actually try to come when you least expect them. This never seems more true than on holidays — when you, and likely your doctors, have other plans.


A Tennessee couple recently learned this firsthand when mom Brittany Selph and her husband Justin’s third child wanted to come into the world on Halloween.

Turns out, Brittany’s doctor was getting into the holiday spirit, and their thirdborn was about to be delivered by someone dressed as the Joker from the Batman franchise.

Justin and Brittany were not expecting to have their third baby until November 5, 2017, which would obviously warrant a run-of-the-mill delivery in which the doctor wears scrubs.