BOOM: California Sheriff Rejects Local Liberals, Backs Trump With EPIC Announcement

Sheriff DEFIES

Trump created a promise and it he intends to keep his word. His campaign addressed immigration or that f non legal immigration. He is making a try to move forward with removing those who came here illegally.

However certain liberal cities have developed the concept of sanctuary cities. These communities promise to shield illegals from deportation. They break federal law at taxpayer expense. California is symptomatic for this drawback.

There is one sheriff in California willing to face the heat. He refuses to permit the law to be broken and is fighting sanctuary cities in the illegal’s issue.

Kern County sheriff Donny Young-blood is taking the masthead for Trump’s agenda. He declared that his department will do what’s necessary in operating with Immigration and Customs enforcement (ICE).

Located in California’s Central vale, sheriff Youngblood is proud to represent law and order.

Youngblood seeks to own his county state out of the sanctuary protection business. His plan would enable federal law enforcement to do their job managing illegals.

This sheriff is to be congratulated for stepping out of the liberal mentality. More sheriffs got to follow his example and follow their elective positions.

Would your native sheriff follow the instance set by this sheriff?

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