What is hair transplantation

What is hair transplantation
What is hair transplantation

Did you ask yourself what is hair transplantation? Hair transplantation is defined as a type of surgery that contributes to filling of empty hair areas in your head. This process is accomplished through the use of different techniques which we will discuss in details in this article.

What is hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a rearrangement of hair growth by taking part of hair and skin of the scalp and back of head to be moved to different areas of the head. This is what is hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation techniques

The hair transplant can be performed at the doctor’s office. The surgeon cleans the scalp and then injects the back of the head to anesthetize it. The doctor can choose between hair transplantation using two techniques:

1) FUSS technique

FUSS technique (follicular unit strip surgery) is the removal of tape about 15-25 cm from the back skin of the head and is then sewn into the part of the head where the hair does not grow. This area will then be covered by hair. The surgeon will then divide the scaled tape into about 500 – 2000 small pieces, and then use them to plant them in different areas. Each section will have a small number of hairs, depending on the color, quality and size of the area you will receive.

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2) FUE technique

The technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE) is performed by shaving the back of the scalp and then removing the hair follicles located in the same area one by one, showing tiny wounds.

Methods of hair replacement

Many methods can be used to replace bald hair. Examples of these methods include:

1) Tissue expansion

This procedure can be performed for hair transplantation, which is based on the use of a tissue expander. It is used in the non-hair area, which is considered bald to promote subcutaneous tissue work to produce new skin cells.

2) Complete slice surgery

Flap surgery is one of the ideal operations to cover large areas of baldness. This is done by removing part of the bald area and replacing it with a piece of skin that carries hair while noting its association with the original blood supply.

3) Reducing scalp area

This procedure is used to reduce the areas of the front and back baldness of the head. It is done by removing the scalp from which the hair does not grow and pulling it by connecting it with clips from the other scalp that has hair.

Duration of treatment

The duration of hair treatment can be prolonged. Many surgical sessions are often required to achieve the desired goal. Also, it is necessary to leave several months between each session. Therefore, total treatment can take about two years.

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