3 Strange Symptoms of a Blood Clot You Might Not Expect


Before discussing the symptoms of a blood clot, it’s important to know what they are. Clots form because a blood vessel is obstructed. The blood coagulates into a mass of cells. Often, the clot will dry up. At times, the clot will form inside a vessel and must be addressed medically. In some cases the condition known as deep vein thrombosis develops in which a clot forms well underneath the surface.

The bad news following the discovery of a potential condition is obvious – there’s a problem. The good news concerning blood clots is that the ability to recognize early warning signs of a blood clot can keep you alive.

1Unexpected coughs

Coughs that come out of nowhere and intensify can be a sign that a clot, albeit a smaller one, has formed in the lungs. Signs that things are more serious include coughing up blood or producing mucus that contains blood. If you think clots are an issue, this is yet another warning sign that you should get checked.