Top 20 Photos Snapped Seconds Before Tragedy No.15 Is Mouth Dropping

stock photos

Stock photos can capture a moment in one life, and may forever stay historical past. We could tend to take pictures of events we want to keep in mind, however these 20 stock photos will provide you with a momentary before tragedy unfolds.

We will provide a free photo website tragedy list that may make you feel sad while others might fill you with joy. Are You ready for the Deadly Selfie? Click “Next” to continue reading and remember to SHARE these web images with your friends on Facebook.

1Steven Green And His Killer

On our number 5 countdown list here is Steven Green a U.S. soldier that was convicted some years ago of rape and murdering of one Iraqi family. The U.S Army dismissed him from service before discovering all other of his crime and later he was arrested.

Steven Green was jailed and he stayed for long in the cell serving multiple life sentences at federal prison in Arizona of the United State of America. Steven Green later was killed by Lawrence Wallace Jr who later was stabbed by Alabama police officer to death and for stolen police car. This picture was taken before Steven Green was stabbed to death by Wallace.