10 Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer You Should Never Ignore


Breast cancer awareness month is underway, which means the Great Pink Push is being unleashed. The cancer industry will shift into overdrive, urging women everywhere to get their mammogram screenings as they beg for cash donations for breast cancer research and breast cancer society donations which is better than going to car donation centers to donate your car to charity.

As an informed, health-devoted individual, you probably want to know what you need to look for right now in order to nip breast cancer in the bud. Instead of trying to deal with it after you have already been diagnosed with it – which hopefully will never happen!. The list of symptoms are well organized, you should press the next button below each symptom to move to the next one.

1Breast Lump

It is, in fact, one of the most common first signs of cancerous changes.

Lumps in breast tissue are often first discovered by women and men who perform self-exams and feel their breast tissue regularly.

Touching your own body and getting to know its usual feeling is a good way to be able to distinguish when you have a change.

Get comfortable with touching yourself regularly, especially on the breast, testicle, armpit, throat, abdomen, and skin.

Self-examination of these soft tissues should help to discover changes before they develop into larger tumors.