The “no one ever mentions this” avocado dip method for keeping guacamole vibrantly fresh and green

fresh avocado

As avocado reacts with the oxygen in the air, it begins to turn brown. Although completely natural, it doesn’t taste all that good. However, it is secure to consume. But what they were known for most was their guacamole, which is where this clever trick comes in.

Old Man’s Salsa’s founder in Texas described his process for keeping his guacamole product green for up to a week.

“I am so tired of seeing videos about how to maintain your guacamole green and no one ever addresses this,” the guacamole expert said.

I make guacamole, so I’m qualified to speak on the subject.

He demonstrated how he taps his guacamole before pressing all the air out and sealing the container.

To prevent soggy lettuce, use foil to preserve it crisp for up to 30 days in the refrigerator.

“Whatever lid you have, put it halfway on and start tapping that baby down,” the expert continued.

He next demonstrated how to close the tub, which is a crucial step in the technique.

The guacamole maker demonstrated how he uses his thumb to forcefully push over the lid just before fully closing it, expelling any remaining air.

Smear it until the air is completely gone, then snap.

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“If you already have lime juice and all that stuff in there, it’ll stay green for about seven days as long as the air is out.”

How can bread be kept from becoming moldy after using one food preservation tip after another?

According to a culinary expert, keeping celery with bread can help prevent mold.

The Board Housewife, a culinary guru, gave this piece of advice: “Add a fresh celery stick to the bag to prevent bread buns from molding.”

It is believed that the celery’s moisture is absorbed by the bread, preventing it from drying out.