How to get some sleep in the hot weather


We frequently forget how challenging it can be to obtain a good night’s sleep during a heatwave, despite the fact that we typically welcome the warmth of summer with open arms.

Heatwaves, which are frequent in the summer, occur when temperatures reach or surpass the heatwave temperature threshold for at least three days in a row.

Many people may find these quite uncomfortable, especially if they don’t have a fan or air conditioning. They can cause very warm nights.

The ideal bedroom temperature for sleeping is between 16 to 21 degrees Celsius, and your brain needs to be a little bit cooler than the rest of your body, according to Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, a sleep specialist at Silentnight.

According to Ramlakhan, “a good night’s sleep is vital to repair and re-balance the body physically and mentally as well as to digest information during the day.”

“Ideally, a small temperature differential should exist between the body and the brain for us to sleep soundly – a warm body and a chilly head!”

What are some things you may do to relax and get some rest?

Here are 20 ways to help you get to sleep when it’s hot:

1. For a few minutes, place your bedding in the freezer (put it in a plastic bag first though). Even simply your pillowcase or pajamas will help if your fridge or freezer is limited with space.

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2. Place a hot water bottle filled with chilled water on your body’s “cooling spots,” which include your elbows, neck, crotch, knees, ankles, and wrists. Additionally, you can put cool water in a hot water bottle, freeze it, and carry it with you to bed.

3. Use an after-sun cream with aloe vera as its main ingredient to moisturize before going to bed.

4. Keep an empty perfume bottle beside your nightstand and fill it with cold water to use as a cooling spray on your face, neck, and knees.

5. Wear cotton pajamas and thin, pure cotton sheets on your bed. High quality cotton is the most breathable bedding material, making it the best choice for a cool night’s sleep.

6. According to sleep expert Dave Gibson, avoid consuming too much protein because it might actually heat up your body by increasing your metabolic rate.

7. Consume spicy food, but do so at least three hours before going to bed because it can cause you to perspire, which cools the body down.

8. To prevent your body from becoming overly hot, exercise in the morning rather than the evening.

9. To help you cool off in the evening, keep your shower lukewarm. However, avoid one that is too cold because your body will attempt to maintain heat in response to the quick temperature difference.

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10. Contrary to popular assumption, Gibson asserts that closing the windows will help keep the house cooler during the day. Keep the drapes closed as well.

11. All electrical appliances should be turned off in the bedroom as they produce heat. Also turn off the sockets.

12. Keep your feet cool by leaving them exposed or placing them on an ice pack.

13. To chill the air, place a roasting pan full of ice in front of a fan.

14. During the day, make sure to drink plenty of water, but avoid doing so at night. You only need to drink around a pint before night to stay hydrated and avoid getting up to use the restroom.

15. Do not share a bed with your lover because two bodies produce twice as much heat.

16. Since heat rises, try to sleep downstairs if you can.

17. You can even sleep in a wet or chilled pair of socks.

18. Before going to bed, wash your wrists and feet with cold water.

19. Dr. Ramlakhan advises using a menthol stick to chill down if you awaken throughout the night.

20. Before bed, put a moist towel in the refrigerator for about an hour. As you nod off, place the towel on your forehead.

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