Some Myths About Cancer That Need to Die


Sometimes it seems like everything can cause cancer. Thankfully that’s not true and neither are these popular myths about the dreaded disease. You may hear that if cancer happens, nothing can cure it. You may hear that sugar can cause cancer and so on.

You must know those myths about cancer to keep a happy life and enjoy everything in your life without worry of getting cancer for you and your family.

1Myth: Cancer is a “fight” you have to “win”

“Many people think of cancer as a battle that can be won by the most determined and committed patient. Unfortunately, that is simply not the case. Even the patient who follows her oncologist’s instructions perfectly may succumb to her illness.

The image of a prizefighter knocking out the enemy simply does not happen for many patients. Sometimes, a more realistic goal is to improve quality of life. Setting small goals for overall health can be important to monitor progress. Celebrating small achievements can be very meaningful.” —Ashley Sumrall, MD, FACP, section chief of neuro-oncology at the Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina.