10 Warning Signs of High Blood Sugar You Should Never Ignore


Everyone likes something a little sweet now and again, but depending on our bodies, we may have to be a little more careful when it comes to indulging than others. Now, your body and blood need a certain amount of sugar for energy, but too much can cause serious health complications. We should support any diabetes foundation or diabetes association that follow diabetes guidelines and diabetes screening.

Too high blood sugar can also cause a host of very unpleasant symptoms, with a diabetic coma being the most severe. Luckily, there are lots of warning signs before a coma happens. Learn the signs you that could be warning you that your blood level glucose is getting too high to go for diabetes management.

1Increased Thirst

If you find you’re suddenly very thirsty all the time, even if you’ve been drinking enough fluids, high blood sugar may be the culprit. You may find you feel increasingly thirsty after a large meal, especially one that features a lot of carbs like bread or pasta.

If you feel less thirsty after a little while, your levels have likely evened out, but if the feeling of thirst persists, you may have a more serious issue. Your diabetes sugar level may be high.