A Secret Has Been Revealed: Cancer Is Not A Disease, It Is Business!


You might not believe what we are going to declare. It is the secret some mafia want you not to know. But we will take the risk and reveal the secret. Cancer is a big lie, it is a business rather than a true disease.

Every one knows that cancer has become spread allover the world. Unlike any other disease, it is not controlled through hundreds of years. This denotes many of the hidden hands working together not to eliminate such a disease which affect all ages and genders.

1World Without Cancer

Edward Griffin published his book World Without Cancer many years ago. Once it is published it was frighted by many hidden hands which did not want this book to reach any one suffering from cancer or with risk factor to it emergence.

Edward Griffin announced a revolutionary concept in his book. He proved that cancer is not a disease, it is only a deficiency disease like pellagra or scurvy. There is an essential food substance which has been intendedly removed from modern food. This substance is called vitamin B17.